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WP2 - Sample Collection and On-site Monitoring of Bromine Content of Waste Articles

Led by NUIG, the aim of this work package is to collect appropriate waste samples and record, using portable XRF, their Br content.

From the sites established in WP1, 500 individual samples will be collected across the following waste streams: Waste XPS, Waste EPS, WEEE, ELV waste foams and waste soft furnishings. These will broadly be split 50:50 between individual waste articles and samples of shredded or otherwise homogenised pooled samples each representing multiple samples.

In all samples, the Br content will be measured using a portable XRF analyser. All measurements will be conducted in triplicate at a minimum of 3 points on the surface of each item tested, to assess the uncertainty of the measurement. Once complete, the samples will be transported to the University of Birmingham.


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